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Levesque Wood Working with Habitat for Humanity

I just wanted to say that Levesque Wood Company did a great job in cutting down five very large trees around my house. The trees were very close to my house and wires. Of all the prices I obtained, they were the most reasonable. They are friendly and professional, and explained everything they were doing. Not only did they cut the large trees, but they ground all the branches, took away the large logs, and cleaned up the yard. They are coming back for the stump grinding. If you are looking for a tree service, try them they are great.
--- Larry O.

Friendly and professional
Levesque Wood Company not only did a great job but they did extra things I didn't even ask for. They also had the best price out of three other tree services I had called. My concern was that I have minimal damage to my lawn or other trees and they owned up to that request with great results. Oh, they are very friendly and polite. Great job all around, I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting tree service.
--- Bob C. ★★★★★

Levesque Wood Co is fantastic I used Levesque Wood Company and was very pleased with the way they helped me with my lot clearing. They are a family owned and operated business and would recommend them to anyone who would need their services.
--- Scott H. ★★★★☆

The guys were prompt and courteous. They removed a huge pine tree, and 5 stumps, did a great job cleaning up and were in and out as planned. Great job overall.
--- Bill R.

Levesque Wood Company is one of the most professional tree service companies on the northshore. This is the second year I purchased a grapple load of wood from them. On both occasions, they were very responsive to my calls and flexible with the delivery time. This year, I also ordered a truck load of wood chips. Again, they arrived on time and exceeding my expectations. I plan on calling them next year for another load of wood.
--- Guest98744 ★★★★☆

They were great! Very reasonable and understood that we did not want the neighborhood disturbed. Every tree landed they way they wanted, they are artists! They showed up on time and they finished early. The area was cleaned and they made sure my wife and I were happy before they left. I would recommend highly.
--- Sconte  ★★★★★

Integrity, referable ,reliable and dependable. The whole team has a professional work ethic .They can accommodate any circumstance. They can be relied upon and are on time and on budget. There service is top notch they will get the job done right.
--- Guest31267 ★★★★★

I cannot see any other company within the Merrimack Valley doing such a great job for what little we paid compared with our several other quotes. Gerry and his crew came in and dropped, chipped and cleaned up 7, 75-100 yr old pines. In the same job they also took down 14 spruce trees, trimmed 3 maples and cleaned up a wall with dead pine tree branches. I believe what helped Gerry, Yvan and Jeremy get all of this done within a day and a half was showing up with the most serious wood chipper I know I'll ever see in my life. I do not believe there can be any other wood company in the area that can do the TOP quality work that was done by this company for the cost. A+ guys. Thank You for a job well done.
--- Riv  ★★★★★

Multi-day, phased project clearing and chipping a large wooded areas for 400'+ driveway and 2.2 acre residential lot. Clearing required high degree of care and accuracy near protected wetland areas and property boundary lines with neighbor. Extremely courteous, safe, professional and efficient at a fair price. Chipped and cleaned site so well my neighbors have now hired them. Highly recommend LWC for any sized project large or small.
--- Scott Smith ★★★★★

I truly can’t say enough good things about this Company. I recently had 5 trees removed from my property, including stumps. Levesque was responsive, fast, and performed quality work at a good value. 3 of the 5 trees were adjacent to my driveway. Rather than just dropping the tree and letting them hit the driveway, they strategically cut them and were able to take down all of the trees without damage. When the job was done you would have never known they were there except for the missing trees. If you are looking for a quality company you can trust, with the care to treat your property as if it were there own, look no further. Give them a call. You won’t be disappointed!
--- Dave Rinaldi ★★★★★

Levesque Wood Company did a great job removing some very large trees from my property. They were very professional and did a fantastic job. They chipped all the branches into their truck and took away all the large logs as well. They even cleaned up the area before they left using a leaf blower and rakes.

The job they did exceeded all expectations.

They gave me an estimate for some other huge trees that need to be taken down and they will be back in the fall to remove those as well.

Thank you Levesque Wood Company. I will recommend you to all my friends.
--- Judy Ryan ★★★★★

Gerry responded my inquiry on the same day, gave fair price quote for the work. They scheduled the work only 3 work days after I confirmed the work order with them. Yvan and Jeremy arrived on time, cut off the dead limb safely. They protected driveway throughout the work, and had neat clean up after the work. It was a joyful experience to observe them getting the work done safe and easy.
--- Lixin Qiao ★★★★★

Levesque did an amazing job in our back and front yards. They are very responsive to our initial request for a quote, showed up when they said they would and finish the job in a timely and professional manner.
--- Michael Cammarata ★★★★★

Yvan and his crew cleared a number of trees (and stumps) from our property, some of which required some precision to drop due to fencing/pool/decking in the yard. Very efficient, and cleaned up both the yard and street before completing the job. Their pricing is also very competitive. Will be using them again for some additional problem trees in the future.
--- Matthew Fagan ★★★★★

I highly recommend Levesque Wood Company. They cut down and removed 13+ trees from my yard this week. Yvan was a pleasure to do business with. They were extremely efficient with their work and very fairly priced. I will most definitely be using them again in the future.
--- Karen Hoffmaster ★★★★★

I cannot say enough about Yvan & Jeremy at Levesque Wood Company, they did a great job, at a very fair price. They were quick, professional, did not disturb my flower beds either !! They cut 7 trees, including 2 huge Pine trees, (some thickly covered with vines), cleared brush, & cleaned up everything before they left. These guys are expert at what they do. I am so glad I found them. Would not hesitate to call them again. Thank you again, Yvan!!
--- Dorothy V ★★★★★

Great service overall. Gerry responded my inquiry the very next day. He took the time to walk my property and point out diseased vs. healthy trees. The quote for the work was fair. The work took place about 3 days after confirmation of the work order. Yvan and Jeremy arrived right at 7:30AM and worked quickly, safely, and efficiently all day (15+ trees removed). Yvan was a pleasure to work with and provided me with some additional names for landscaping, pool service, and stump grinding. It was great experience hiring Gerry, Yvan, and Jeremy and would recommend them to anybody in need of a dependable tree service.
--- Adam Bispham ★★★★★

Used Levesque Wood Comp to remove and trim branches at a customer site located in the woods. They were professional and a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend them and will use them again if needed.
--- Lisa Kelleher ★★★★★

I recently had a quarter acre of my lot cleared by the Levesque Wood Company at my residential property. Gerry was wonderful, and kept me in the loop with scheduling from when we initially met through the end of the job. He and his crew were able to clear the whole area in my yard in 1 day. I already have other trees I know I will need to take down/trim back and am already planning on utilizing their services again.
--- Katie Sapp ★★★★★

Had a great experience with Levesque wood! We had several trees that were beyond hope due to ice storms. We also needed pruning on other overgrown trees. Yvan came out and took the time to walk the ENTIRE property with my husband - showed him what was good and what we could pass on. NO pushy salesmanship here. We also wanted stump grinding for any trees that had to come down (turned out to be four). We decided to go with them, and Yvan's crew came bright and early on the appointed day and got right to work. They took care of EVERYTHING, including immaculate cleanup. Would definitely recommend!
--- Alice Fraleigh ★★★★★

Gerry (and his wife), Yvan, and Jeremy are all great people. We had about 0.5 acre of land to clear and several trees that needed to be trimmed back. They (Yvan and Jeremy) cleared most of the small stuff (trees, shrubs, etc.) in about an hour using a bobcat and they chipped everything into a truck. Once they were done, they used the wood chips and debris to level the land (and bury some poison ivy). They were finished in ~6hrs and it looks terrific!

Overall, it was great watching them work and the price was very reasonable. We would highly recommend them to anyone.
--- Eric Frederick ★★★★★

This company was easy to work with and they fairly priced their work. They kept to their committed schedule and were efficient in their timely execution and meticulous in their clean up.

I would use them again in a heart beat and highly recommend them.
--- Stephen Laham ★★★★★

Yvan and his crew were prompt, friendly, professional, and gave us a fair price. I will certainly be hiring them for future work and land clearing.
--- Jeff Hechenbleikner ★★★★★

Great tree service. Very professional. Highly recommend them. They did everything that I asked and more.
--- Donald Nelson ★★★★★

Eight yrs ago they cleared my 100x100 property. Excellent then. Now they took one enormous hickory tree from my front yard. It was quite a challenge. They did another great job and the clean up was fantastic. They even cleared and cleaned the street. My neighbor said the street has never looked so good!! Thank you for great service again.
--- Gayle DeSantis ★★★★★

Levesque Wood Company not only did a great job but they did extra things I didn't even ask for. They also had the best price out of three other tree services I had called. My concern was that I have minimal damage to my lawn or other trees and they owned up to that request with great results. Oh, they are very friendly and polite. Great job all around, I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting tree service.
--- Bob Carroll ★★★★★

Delivered and stacked log length. Good mix of hard wood. Very pleased.
--- Greg Larson ★★★★★

Delivered a grapple load of firewood, professional, courteous. I would recommend
--- Randy Colon ★★★★★

Excellent service
Courteous, professional, responsive, efficient
Best price of all estimates I got
Will definitely use again
--- Karl Arakelian ★★★★★

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